Berg Hortimotive keeps moving

It was fifty years ago that Berg Hortimotive started with the production of pipe rail trolleys, and in the past decades we have been able to surprise the horticulture sector with innovative machines and systems. Always fed from our promise:

“We want to help greenhouse horticulture entrepreneurs to care for, harvest, transport and process their products as efficiently as possible.”

With the help of our network of distributors, our brand has become a household name in the international horticulture sector where we occupy a leading position.

The pipe rail trolleys of “yore” are no longer adequate, now they form just a fraction of the total logistics solution that we design custom-made for our customers. Local requirements and considerations are taken into account here. Tracking and tracing the product and collecting and making labour registration available are important factors in this context.  This distinguishes us and enables us to add real value for our clients.

We keep on tickling our customers. Our “Picking-to-Packing” concept, in which complete logistics systems, from harvesting up to and including processing and packaging the product are designed and installed, is just the start. Our systems are set up in order to optimise the management of companies.

Recently, Berg included the Robocar brand in its range. Twenty years ago, these tractors laid the foundation for the automatic transport of the harvested product over the centre aisle. The Robocar is positioned under the BeTrac electro-tractor which has more functionality on board. This provides Berg with a valuable addition to its portfolio.

Besides our products, our provision of services are also being improved. Not only do we deliver our product, but at the same time we  also deliver our knowledge on how to use and maintain it. To safeguard the quality of this aspect, Berg provides training courses and training programmes to its service partners, anywhere in the world.

This will keep Berg Hortimotive healthy, strong and ready for the future.



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