Biobest invests in Plant Products Inc.

Plant Products Inc, a leading distributor in plant protection, plant nutrition, seeds and other innovative growing aids in the North American specialty horticulture and turf markets and Biobest Group NV, a leading global player in biological control and pollination, jointly announced that they have signed a partnering agreement. This new agreement builds on a long-standing collaboration in biocontrol and pollination which began in 1995. 

Upon closing of the transaction, Biobest and the Stickles family will become joint owners of Plant Products, with Biobest holding a majority stake. Subsequently the activities of Plant Products Inc., Biobest Canada Inc., and Biobest USA Ltd. will be integrated in a new combined entity operating under the name Plant Products.

Plant Products will continue to focus on the needs of growers and will assist customers in choosing the best solutions from an integrated suite of products and services to efficiently manage their crops. Plant Products’ unique position in the market is also based on a wide range of strong relationships with suppliers. The company will remain a trusted partner to all its suppliers.

Chris Stickles, current President of Plant Products, will become the President of the new entity and JF Bonal, current General manager of Biobest Canada/US will become the Vice President.

Jean-Marc Vandoorne-Feys, CEO of Biobest Group NV: “I am thrilled that we have this opportunity to invest in a company with which we have successfully collaborated for over 25 years. Plant Products has a very strong network of grower and supplier relationships in North America. Direct presence is essential to realise our mission of being the grower’s most reliable partner in this important market where specialty horticulture is growing very quickly. North America is also the world’s leading market for biocontrol, due at least in part, to a regulatory system that is conducive to innovation. With Plant Products, we are able to take a holistic approach to plant health and performance. North American growers can continue to rely on Plant Products for technical advice and a full toolkit of integrated pest management solutions.  I am very pleased that Chris Stickles will continue to lead Plant Products going forward, including the full integration of both organisations’ excellent teams. I am confident this will benefit all our customers. The trusted Biobest brand remains a cornerstone of Plant Products’ offering. As part of the new Plant Products biocontrol team, growers in both Canada and USA can continue to count on their Biobest technical advisors to now provide an even broader range of solutions.”

Chris Stickles, President of Plant Products Inc.: “We are excited to join forces with the Biobest team. Biobest strengthens Plant Products’ global perspective of the horticulture industry, and that will benefit our customers. Plant Products’ track record of growth demonstrates that we deliver consistent value to our customers and that our suppliers appreciate the unique strengths of our market approach. Together, we will further expand our global network of supplier partnerships, including biopesticides and tools for crop monitoring. We’ll build on our momentum and further strengthen our footprint in Canada and the USA. I’m also excited about Biobest’s commitment to innovation. Recent Biobest investments in high-tech horticulture, including digital solutions for advanced crop monitoring and robotic tools for crop surveillance and pollination, speak to Biobest’s vision and compliment Plant Products’ business. The benefits of such tools extend beyond pest control, and Plant Products is in a unique position to help our customers capture the full value of these developments.”

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