Biogrow™: a family business which keeps growing

13 July 2015 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

Launched in 1996, Biogrow™ started manufacturing cocopeat substrates for a grower family from Pyrénéees Orientales, France. Those growers invested in Biogrow™ trusting they could develop the ideal organic substrate for their new greenhouses out of coconut husks. Bruno Vila, who was at the origin of Biogrow™ creation is now, with his brother Franck, in charge of a holding developing projects combining energy and horticulture. Among different activities, the group grows tomatoes, strawberries and cucumbers on 60 ha of greenhouses.

Since 1996, Biogrow™ has become a leading supplier of cocopeat professional substrates exporting a diversified range of products in 40 countries. Biogrow™ owns factories in Brasil, India and Sri Lanka. From the inception, the development of Biogrow™ was based on adapting the versatile characteristics of cocopeat mixes to satisfy the specific requirements of growers (depending on the type of plants they grow, their location, their equipment, their personal requests…). For instance, products such as Premium, Natural, Duo, Air or Air+ offers different water holding capacities and air porosity.

European agronomists are working at the head office in France but also in each production sites in Brasil, Sri Lanka and India to ascertain the delivery of the required substrate solution.

Sourcing of quality material is the backbone in cocopeat substrates manufacturing. Biogrow™ agronomists select raw material depending on its maturity, moisture content, conductivity and purity.

8 millions growbags are manufactured by Biogrow in a year which implies having huge storage facilities to maintain enough stocks of different types of raw material to keep producing even during long monsoon periods. In 2015, more warehouses will be built in Sri Lanka and another factory will be launched in India in order to keep-up with growing demand.

Biogrow™ is also offering coir propagation blocks to growers and breeders. Coir blocks are recyclable and much more water-efficient than stonewool ones.

Biogrow™ has also launched a new brand, Greenfizz for hobby market recently. These products are biodegradable and are sold with fertilisers. They are sold mainly in garden centers and by other public retailers.

The secret of our development, says Mr Vila, was listening to growers from all over and to be able to adapt our production accordingly.

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