BouMatic GEMINI: The milking robot that doubles the advantages for the dairy farmer

24 October 2023 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

Nowadays, buying a milking robot is both commonplace and easy, but achieving efficient and stable operation once this has been installed at a dairy farm is of greater importance. Both the cows and the dairy farmer need continuity in their everyday working operations. With more than 80 years of experience in milking cows, BouMatic understands the importance of carefree milking and the company drew on its vast knowledge to introduce the new dimension of robot milking: the Gemini. This latest generation milking robot is ready to support dairy farms globally irrespective of their size.

The Gemini offers countless advantages to help dairy farmers achieve successful, profitable operations:
•   Fast identification and monitoring of health problems, with the extension of automatic inline measurement of the somatic cell count.
•   Best-in-class cow-focussed milking according to the BouMatic milking philosophy, with an upgraded vacuum system.
•   A clever hose guidance system allowing the hose to be placed in the correct position under the cow, improving the sustainability of hoses.
•   Lower service costs supported with a customised service contract.
•   Extremely user-friendly software with a wealth of information for the  dairy farmer and time-of-flight camera technology for fast and accurate attachment.

Specific characteristics
The new Gemini robot is supplied as standard as a single box robot, but is also available as a double box version to milk two cows at the same time. This all-in-one unit is unique. The robot is suitable for almost every farm layout, with:
•   A compact all-in-one unit
•   Plug & Play Technology
•   An easy-to-service, integrated technical unit
•   Flexible and smart 2 and 3-way selection options
•   Milking from between the rear legs, easy handling of the cow and maximum cow focus
•   Complete pre-milking routine, with a separate pre-milking cup as part of the milking process

Not just a robot, but a full concept
Ruud Schlenter, General Sales Director of the BouMatic robot division: “The strong technical characteristics and advantages of the Gemini robot will benefit the dairy farmer in day-to-day operations. With the Gemini, BouMatic provides a new generation milking robot, which is exceptionally durable and easy to operate. Combined with on-farm, 24/7 call centre support and customised service packages to ease the load on the farmer, BouMatic and its dealers are more prepared than ever to meet the demands of modern dairy farmers in a rapidly changing dairy market.

To highlight the innovative solutions and the high standard of the Gemini, BouMatic is the only supplier to offer a standard two-year factory warranty for this complete milking robot concept.”

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