Brand new Benomic S-Line tubular rail trolleys for Duijvestijn Tomatoes

Photo: In addition to handing over a new Benomic S-Line pipe rail trolley, cake is also delivered (from left to right: Hans Fakkert from Berg Hortimotive, Ad van Adrichem from Duijvestijn Tomaten and Sander Zuidgeest from Steenks Service).

Brand-new pipe rail trolleys were recently delivered in Pijnacker, The Netherlands, entirely intended for use in the company’s new tomato greenhouse. This modern 10.5 hectare greenhouse contains more than 100,000 tomato plants, which are grown in a completely sustainable way.

Terms such as sustainability and innovation are well known to Duijvestijn; In 2015, for example, they were voted the best tomato grower in the world and Duijvestijn produces completely CO² neutral, since the greenhouses are heated by geothermal energy and 2,500 solar panels. In order to be able to work in the greenhouse in an innovative and sustainable way, Steenks Service was looking for new electric pipe rail trolleys.

New pipe rail trolley series
Ultimately, the choice fell on the Benomic S-Line, the latest pipe rail trolley line from the Berg Hortimotive brand. In total, no less than 18 pieces of this series were ordered. Sander Zuidgeest of Steenks Service: “The new Benomic S-Line models are modern and completely maintenance-free pipe rail trolleys from the Berg Hortimotive brand.” These pipe rail trolleys have been made more user-friendly in terms of control and the platform is accessible via two entrances. This new machine is also an improvement compared to other models in terms of hygiene. “For example, the special construction of the pipe rail trolley prevents contamination of leaves, for example.” said Sander.

An improved model and according to the latest laws and regulations
The latest legislation and regulations regarding the safety of electrically powered vehicles, including pipe rail trolleys, have contributed to the development of new models. In addition to developing machines that comply with legislation and regulations, various innovations have also been applied to the latest Benomic S-Line pipe rail trolleys.

Also watch the film of the Benomic S-Line pipe rail trolley:

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