Circular farming: for the farmer of the future

As a livestock farmer, you want to get the most out of your business. You want healthy animals, good production and low costs, while minimising your workload and your environmental footprint. JOZ develops solutions to meet all of these requirements based on the principle of circular farming. We can help you apply it to your farm and complete the circle.

Circular farming: its various phases
In circular farming, the cow is both the starting and the finishing point. What goes into and comes out of it? And how can you take full advantage of all this? In circular farming, your objective is to use no more raw materials than necessary, but rather to take advantage of residual flows. At JOZ, we have developed solutions for this at every stage of the cycle, specifically:

•  smarter feeding
•  mucking out
•  manure separation
•  bedding
•  manure filtration

Automatic feed pushing
Your cows need feed, and quite a lot of it too. What do you feed them and how? Do your cows eat at set times or do they have continuous access to their feed?

At JOZ, we’ve been thinking about smarter ways of feeding cattle. You can do this by using the Moov 2.0, a fully automated feed pusher robot that provides your cows with fresh feed 24 hours a day. This boosts milk production and relieves your animals of any worry about not being able to eat, even if they’re lower down in the pecking order. It creates calm in the barns and enhances the health of your cows.

Hygienic barns
Anything that goes in at one end must come out at the other. Would you like to minimise the time it takes you to clean out manure? And to keep your barns as clean as possible? If so, you should consider which system would be best for you. JOZ offers a number of manure scraping systems and manure robots.

Our Barn-E manure robot, for example, has been specially developed for barns with solid floors. However, if your barn has a different type of floor, then the JOZ-Tech would be a good option for you. The advantage of a manure robot is its cow-friendly round shape. These robots also move slowly and leave enough space between them and the end of the stall, allowing your animals plenty of time to get out of the way. At JOZ, we always have the right manure solution for your barn.

Use manure as biobedding
Would you like to make the best use of manure on your farm? And minimise your environmental footprint in the process? If so, JOZ has the solutions you’re looking for. Our separators, such as Torro, separate manure into solid and liquid fractions. This creates space in your manure storage and the solid fraction can be spread out and used as biobedding. If you use one of our separators, then buying straw will be a thing of the past.

Turn manure into a valuable product
Would you like to not only separate manure, but also turn it into something of worth? If so, try our Gazoo, a nitrogen cracker that filters the manure and converts it into mineral fertiliser. After processing it, you can spread the thick phosphate-rich fraction on your land. The Gazoo also converts the thin fraction into liquid fertiliser. Manure, which you have in plentiful supply and therefore saves you having to buy it, is therefore just one more product you can process and reuse.

This also helps you cut back on your natural gas consumption. And last but not least: our Gazoo nitrogen cracker will significantly reduce nitrogen emissions on your farm. So it’s a win-win situation!

A future-proof business
At JOZ, we use a circular perspective to find out what’s needed both in front of and behind the feed fence. This helps you get the most out of your business at every stage of the cycle, both now and in the future.

More info?
If you would like to find out more about circular farming and how our solutions can help you achieve it, please get in touch!


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