Clean floors at Gebr. Nederpel Potplanten with the help of the Stefix 95

Photo: Marco of Gebr. Nederpel keeps the floor clean with the Stefix 95 sweeper

Gebr. Nederpel in Wateringen has recently put two new sweeping machines into usage. For almost 25 years Gebr. Nederpel is growing high quality potted chrysanthemums. They grow exclusive varieties like the Splash Meadow and the Rainbow Lake Worth.

To keep up the high quality level Gebr. Nederpel is developing on multiple aspects. One of these aspects is hygiene in the workplace. Gebr. Nederpel was looking for suitable machines to clean the concrete path in the greenhouse and they have chosen for two Stefix 95 sweeping machines from Steenks Service.

Sander of Steenks Service about the Stefix 95: ‘This sweeping machine is very popular among many growers’. The reason for this, according to Sander, is the sweeping width and the sweeping capacity. This ensures that dust particles and particular matter will be wiped. ‘Due to the Stefix 95 you save a lot of time and work at cleaning the floor. That’s the reason why you see this machine a lot at different growers’.

Check the movie about the Stefix 95 at Gebr. Nederpel:

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