Climate Chamber

To complete the entire scope of supply for mobile container equipment, OTTE-Metallbau has an established solution concept for many years.

For climatically demanding cultivation OTTE-Metallbau offers climatic chambers, which can be loaded automatically via an overhead crane systems. Both, the supply and warehousing as well as the outsourcing of mobile benches (containers) and procedures in the overall concept of an automated production system are integrated.

By a “touch-screen panel,” the control commands are transferred to the plant. By a “Display Panel”, with a stored database system, the basic data of the respective cultures are saved in the control system and are always a

vailable and manageable in this way. These may be: day of warehousing, sort, pot size etc. The user recognize by visualizing the level of individual cells and which varieties are already warehoused for how long in the cells.

Up to 12 containers – in any length – could be stacked one on another in the respective cells. A mechanical locking system stops always the following container, so that an air gap of min. 150 mm results. This air gap ensures a continuous air flow and thus identical climatic conditions in the cell layers.

Depending on the temperature control of the climatic chamber, it could be used as a germination chamber or can also be used for hardening of different plant species. The chamber area is also easily expandable in future.

We are happy to discuss the possibilities for integrating a climatic chamber to your equipment and in your interest.

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