Climate control in greenhouses with woven roof cover and side curtains

Optimal climate control is what every greenhouse crop grower dreams of. The Coverlys products, woven from polyethylene (PE) tape, are used as roof covers or side curtains in greenhouses, both inside and outside. Their excellent tensile strength and longevity make these woven covers popular among growers, more and more of whom want to protect their produce from increasingly extreme weather conditions.

Our solutions protect crops from hail, storms, wind and excessive sunlight. The optimal, diffuse light, the right UV permeability and limited reflection ensure the right conditions. As well as saving on energy costs, growers benefit from a more efficient use of water and a reduced need for spraying.

These woven fabrics have a high UV resistance whilst allowing approximately 80% of the light to pass through. They last 5 to 8 years, or sometimes even longer. You are always welcome to discuss other desirable characteristics with our R&D team.

Beaulieu Technical Textiles is a global textiles expert with a wide range of woven solutions for the horticultural industry.

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