Cooperl Suite

Reasons to believe

•  Connect all data from sows and piglets in one synchronized dashboard.
•  Record data anytime, anywhere on multiple devices without wifi.
•  Digital passports from pig farm to fork.

Three applications that connect the performance of sows and finishers.

Pass sow

•  Browse the historical background of the sows, such as treatments and all other events of their lives.
•  Wean 320+ piglets more per year per 1000 sows by working on the least productive sows. 
•  Get a grip on your health plan and access data on multiple devices, anywhere in your barn.

Pass Pork Lite

•  Real time data on treatment frequency and loss rate per batch at any time.
•  Notifications make sure your pigs get the best treatment.

Pass Pork

•  Traceability enables you to work with specifications management, such as ‘no antibiotics’.
•  Trace the performance of your finishers all the way back to the performance of your sow.
•  Individual digital passports from piglet to pork. 

*If slaughterhouse is connected to Cooperl Suite.

Want to know more?
Watch this round table discussion on how Cooperl Suite can help you create transparency from pig farm to fork. 

Cooperl Suite is a product of Cooperl
Cooperl is a french cooperative of 2950 pig producers and 7200 employees. With 50 years of experience they control the full chain from pork to fork, nurturing 5.7 million pigs annually. With more than 10 patented systems in breeding since 2012, Cooperl promotes sustainable and profitable farming with higher animal welfare and environmental protection practices.

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