DCM, a reliable partner for the horticultural sector for over 45 years

DCM has over 45 years of experience in developing, pro­ducing and marketing of organic and organo-mineral fertilisers. Over the years, this product range has been extended with the best potting soils, soil improvers, cov­ering materials and grass seeds. More recently, DCM has also invested in the development of a biorational product range. The DCM biorational product range includes a number of biostimulants and biocontrol products that is supported by a team of biorational experts.

The jump-start of this biorational product range is our product PMV-01®. It is a vaccination strategy that has been used since 2011 in tomato greenhouses to offer protection against the highly infectious Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV). Since the development of the vaccine, more than 10.000 ha has been treated with PMV-01® in 22 different countries. Working on solutions for and together with growers is very important and therefore one of the pillars of our corporate philosophy. 

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