Dutch Lighting Innovations offers total flexibility with the new generation of DLI LED TopLighting fixtures

29 July 2021 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

Lower energy consumption or more light in your greenhouse? A new lighting system? Dutch Lighting Innovations can provide the solution with the new generation of LED TopLighting fixtures

If you are considering replacing your current HPS fixtures, DLI offers a variety of options:

If you wish to reduce energy consumption, but still maintain the current light levels, it is possible to replace an existing 1,000W HPS fixture with DLI LED TopLighting with low power. This results in a significant reduction in power consumption of up to 50%!

However, if a higher level of light is required,  it is also possible to replace an existing HPS 1,000W fixture with 1 x 1,000W DLI LED TopLighting. This would allow twice as much light to be generated with the same amount of power!

The main benefits of both options are the use of existing cabling and the simple assembly of the LED fixtures, using customised brackets.

DLI’s new generation of LED TopLighting fixtures have been developed in collaboration with Philips  and deliver outstanding performance with a low power consumption. The fixtures have excellent light distribution and a relatively low weight. The compact design ensures minimal light interception in the greenhouse.

The extruded aluminium profiles have been especially designed to create optimum passive cooling of the components. Through the superior cooling and the use of only high-grade materials, the reliability and long lifespan of the products is guaranteed.

Light is invaluable when growing vegetables, fruit, flowers, and plants. With our extensive experience in professional greenhouse lighting, DLI can definitely assist you in choosing the right type of lighting for your specific situation.

In addition to our extensive range of LED TopLighting fixtures, we also produce and supply traditional HPS grow lights. We therefore offer maximum flexibility for every lighting need.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products, but we are also here for you if you have questions about your current lighting system!



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