Elysol, Brianza Plastica’s new compact polycarbonate sheet for roofing and transparent curtain wall

With almost sixty years of experience in the production of fibreglass laminates, Brianza Plastica has extended its range with the new Elysol compact polycarbonate sheet, which is completely transparent and ideal for the construction of roofs and walls in greenhouses, as well as skylights in farm buildings and agricultural buildings.

Available with ribbed and corrugated profiles, it is versatile enough to meet all roofing and curtain walls applications for agricultural buildings, even when used in combination with opaque sheets to create skylights.

“Elysol is the new compact polycarbonate sheet with maximum transparency,” explains Gianluca Della Pedrina – Brianza Plastica’s Sales Manager GRP & Polycarbonate. “It was designed to allow natural light to enter and disseminate into the interior spaces. The high quality materials, combined with its characteristics of lightness and resistance, make Elysol the ideal solution for agricultural, residential and industrial buildings.

Elysol high-quality compact polycarbonate sheets, manufactured in Italy in the Brianza Plastica factory of Ferrandina (Matera), are extremely lightweight and completely transparent, similar to glass. The surface of the sheet is UV-protected on one or both sides, impact resistant and with good fire reaction performance (Class B-s1, d0). Elysol polycarbonate sheets are the ideal solution for agricultural applications where natural light plays an extremely important functional role. They are versatile, impact and weather resistant while their low weight makes them ideal for installation on lightweight structures.

Versatile and lightweight: extremely easy to install
Lightweight and easy to handle, Elysol can also be easily installed on lightweight structures, delivering high pressure and suction load values.

The lightness, ease of application and manoeuvrability of Elysol sheets simplify the installation operations. Installation is easily performed using common tools: the cutting operations can be carried out with an angle grinder with a thin metal disc, small-tooth circular saw, jigsaw or shears. The holes are drilled at the top of the wave or rib and must be 3 mm larger than the diameter of the screws to compensate for thermal expansion of the sheet. When laying the sheets, always work from the bottom upwards and in the opposite direction to the prevailing winds. Please note that Elysol sheets cannot be walked on.

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