Energy savings of 85% feasible with Fancom’s I-fan 52″ Xtra

Fancom offers a range of fans that are supremely energy efficient. The star performer currently is our extra large I-fan 52″. The fan combines a high air output with exceptionally low energy consumption and outstanding controllability.

The I-fan 52” uses intelligent EC (DC) technology. This ensures fresh air in the building in all conditions and makes sure the fan always operates in the optimal position. The I-fan Xtra also produces less heat and therefore loses less energy. Compared with conventional I-fans, energy savings of up to 85% are easily feasible.

Reliable with minimal maintenance costs
The I-fan Xtra is a direct driven fan without a V-belt. It has no moving wear parts, so no adjustment and maintenance are required. The motor is supplied with a connection unit including 2.5 m of UV-resistant cable enabling quick installation, without opening the motor. IP66 classification for the motor safeguards a long and malfunction free operating life.

Extra security is provided by the automatic failsafe that keeps the fan operating at the lowest value if the signal from the climate control computer fails. Internal electronics monitor and accurately correct the fan RPM. The result is a constant air flow without any negative wind influences. In addition, the intelligent motor safeguards against overload.

Perfect controllability and stability
Despite its size, the I-fan 52″ Xtra is perfectly controllable. The fan can be controlled to below 20% without compromising its stability. Smart control of the available ventilation capacity can increase energy savings even further. The fan is easy to control using a Fancom controller.

The combination of this large, energy efficient I-fan and smart control is unique. This allows us to offer the most energy efficient ventilation solution.


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