Engel Lighting launches one of the most flexible modular and high efficacy lighting fixtures

1 November 2021 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

With 20 years of experience in manufacturing lighting fixtures, we are the experts you can count on for your lighting needs.

With Engel horticultural lighting, we show you how LED lighting strategies can be used to maximize profits, increase yields and precisely control desired plant properties.
nThe key to the success of an LED lighting strategy is to change the limiting abiotic factors through a new balance.

Engel modular lighting fixtures have been developed for customized light solutions for any growing environment powered by the high-efficacy Würth LEDs. You as a grower have complete control over light intensity, light quality and the light-dark period to influence growth, morphology and plant health.

•  IP67 offers 100% protection against dust and sand
•  Advanced cooling system technology
•  Spectral variants
•  Flexible-modular system
•  Smart controlling software
Designed in Germany and optimized for high-light crops.

From design to production to quality control and packaging, we manage every stage ourselves. Our goal is to offer you, our customer, the best lights at fair prices while at the same time making the industry more sustainable. We offer a three-year guarantee on our lights so that you can feel safe. As part of the guarantee, we replace lights quickly and easily – your trust is our promise!



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