Even light intensity everywhere in the greenhouse

6 February 2024 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

Climalux has further developed its CLX-V1000 full-LED grow light system, which now makes it possible to provide additional lighting to certain parts of the greenhouse, so that the light intensity in the greenhouse is the same everywhere, which significantly reduces the adverse effects of shadow spots along the gables.

When all grow lights are set to the same light level, the light intensity along the gables decreases. As a result, the uniformity of the light along these gables is not optimal. Climalux installs the lamps in a fixed pattern, divided into different light groups, and then maps the light intensity in the entire greenhouse. Based on this input, the light levels of the different lighting groups are set by the Horticulture Control Unit.

Primary, the center of the greenhouse is one lighting group with the same light level and secondarily, additional divisions are made for the gable areas to absorb shadows. For more information, go to www.climalux.nu or contact Niels Damen n.damen@climalux.nu

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