Flame retardant halogen-free groundcover will be installed in new 6 Ha expansion of the 18,5 Ha climate neutral greenhouse in Europe

Thrace Greenhouses was established in 2013 in Xanthi, by two Greek groups with dynamic presence in the global market, Thrace Group and Elastron, which made the strategic decision to invest in innovation and Sustainable Agriculture. Thrace Greenhouses is currently undergoing expansion to accommodate a growing demand for natural, hydroponic produce, using geothermal energy for heating, with plans to increase its arable land. During the construction process of the new greenhouses, a newly developed flooring fabric stands out.

Arguably, over the last decades, agri-textiles have been the core of Sustainable Agriculture. Through agri-textiles, Thrace ΝG, member of Thrace Group, provides sustainable solutions for farmers and growers to produce more, better, safer and eco-friendly. 

The white flame-retardant halogen-free groundcover fabric, that combines all the weed control properties, can be fundamental in a modern greenhouse facility:

1/ Based on tests ran at Thrace Greenhouses, after a 3-year use, the fabric maintains 70-85% of its initial tensile strength, while after 7 years retains 60-70%.

2/ The fabric can reflect 70-75% wavelengths of visible spectrum, back to plants’ canopy, enhancing the photosynthetic activity in plants. That is why it is widely recommended so as to improve the yield and quality of vegetables in greenhouse facilities.

3/ / Besides its reflection capacity, the white flame-retardant fabric constitutes a solution for growers to secure their yields and income, minimizing the spread of a potential fire within a fully automated greenhouse facility, securing cost saving on insurance fees.

Taking in consideration the above, it was an easy decision to use the flame-retardant groundcover in the new expansion of 6 Ha, which will be concluded by 2024.

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