Flier Systems B.V. – Drum seeder DS11

14 May 2012 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

The Drum seeder DS11 sows with high capacity and high speed all types of (unpelleted) seed.

To achieve the best sowing result, it is necessary to purchase the right sowing drum for each type of seed you sow. Unfortunately these drums are often very expensive. The sowing drums for the Drum seeder DS11 of Flier Systems have a very low price point, so the price is no longer an obstacle for the best sowing results. Because of the quick conversion time (less than 1 min.) and the simple seed change, a party switch is a small effort. In the touch screen display you can see a layout of the Drum Seeder. Hereby you can select, change and save settings very easily.

It is possible to sow multiple seeds per cell or cube. How much depends on what you prefer.

The capacity is 1.500 trays or 12.000 rows press pots per hour. This depends on the seed type(s) you sow. Even by the highest sowing speed, the sowing quality is perfect.

Features: Optimum sowing results – High capacity – Quick party change – Sows also unpelleted seeds – Sowing multiple seeds per cell or cube is possible – Low priced sowing drums – Touch screen display

More information: www.fliersystems.nl/en/drum_seeder.html


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