Florca opts for sustainability, safety and innovation with the Reisopack 2830

Photo: Sander of  Steenks Service and Dennis of  Florca next to a Reisopack 2830 and a strapped pallet.

At Florca in The Netherlands, located at Trade Parc Westland in Honselersdijk, large volumes of flowers and plants are exported daily to distant destinations such as the Middle East, Far East and North and Central America. The transport of these flowers and plants to this destination takes place in specially packed boxes. These boxes are made of sturdy corrugated fiberboard and are fitted with special protective material. These special boxes containing flowers and plants are brought to cooling temperature by means of vacuum cooling.

The packed boxes then go to a refrigerated loading area, after which the flower boxes are stacked on pallets per destination. In order to be able to transport these flowers extra safely, a new suitable strapping machine was sought to be able to bind pallets.

From wrapping plastic to binding with strapping band
Previously, pallets were bound by wrapping plastic foil around pallets. This way of working had an adverse effect on the special flower boxes, so an alternative was sought in the form of a strapping machine. “A strapping machine ensures that strips go around the pallets instead of shrink wrap, which makes vacuum cooling faster.” says Alex van der Goes of Florca. In addition, an easier and more sustainable method of binding pallets was also sought.

Eventually, Florca opted for the Reisopack 2830 strapping machine from Steenks Service.

Mobile machine that can be used anywhere
The Reisopack 2830 is by far the most popular model of Steenks Service’s strapping machines. An important reason why this machine is so popular is the flexibility of the machine. “There is a lot of demand for this semi-automatic strapping machine, partly because the Reisopack 2830 is mobile and very easy to use.” said Sander Zuidgeest of Steenks Service. For example, the machine only needs to be placed next to a pallet, after which it has to be strapped manually. It therefore does not take long until a pallet is strapped; “Within 54 seconds you can completely strap a pallet with corner boards.” Sander continues.

Also watch this video about the operation of this machine at Florca:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aIFKJYNnvQ

www.florca.com  /  www.steenks-service.com

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