From Spain to Greece by bike for a better future

“Ride for a Green Planet” is Novagric’s report launched during European Green Week to showcase sustainable actions for a healthier planet.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 90% of people worldwide breathe polluted air, increasing the risk of acute and chronic respiratory diseases. But we not only find physicochemical or biological agents in the environment, but also in water and soil, most of them caused by humans.

Only 2% of the earth’s surface is occupied by cities, but their impact on the planet is much greater. By 2050, an exponential increase in the number of people to feed and a huge challenge in food supply is foreseen. This could lead to an overexploitation of natural resources and a major environmental threat.

Will we succeed in solving these major challenges facing our planet?

“Zero Pollution” is the motto of European Green Week 2021. The biggest annual event to discuss environmental policy. This plan will contribute to creating a toxic-free environment throughout the Union by remediating pollution in air, water and soil. It will also address other initiatives relevant to the European Green Pact, such as climate initiatives, mobility, agriculture, biodiversity, etc.

Europe needs a new growth strategy that will transform the Union into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy.

For this purpose, 3 young adventurers decided to go on a cycling tour across Europe to promote green transport, sustainable agriculture and to understand how Europe can contribute to this transition.

Victor, Roman and Charles are French students who have spent three months cycling along the Mediterranean coast, from Spain to Greece.

“We use new technologies, but they don’t help cities to be cleaner. What a better way to get around Europe and find out how to do it in a more respectful way than by bicycle,” explains Charles.

They started their journey in Malaga with the aim of promoting companies that are developing projects to produce in a sustainable way. The first stop was the innovative urban greenhouse Greendomo developed by the company Novagric. A project recently certified by the CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) designed to be integrated into the urban environment, and thus to bring products closer to the place of consumption and to respond to the needs of supply in a more sustainable way.

“During our trip, we wanted to show how innovative and sustainable projects are growing all over the Mediterranean Sea and we found the chance with Novagric” comments Victor “It’s interesting to see a more sustainable agriculture project using less water, less energy and moving the food back to the cities to reduce transportation from production to consumption”.

During their visit to the urban greenhouse they discovered a new way of sustainable agriculture, growing food with high yields and productivity and obtaining free-waste products close to the consumer. On their journey, they were also able to visit the Novagric delegation in Alhama de Murcia and learn more about the agricultural technology applied in the greenhouses and the work in the factory.

“Ride for a Green Planet” is a report that comes out during the European Green Week to showcase actions that promote a more sustainable future.

Like these guys, more and more young people are concerned about the environment, taking an interest in the work that companies like Novagric are doing in constant innovation to produce in a cleaner and more efficient way for our planet.

There is still a lot to do to achieve the goals of the ZERO Pollution action plan and to improve water, air and soil quality to levels that are no longer considered harmful to health and natural ecosystems.

Now more than ever, a strong global alliance of environmentally committed companies and government support is needed to achieve these goals to create a pollutant-free environment, meet global food demand and achieve a more sustainable future.

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