GE Current, a Daintree Company, Extends Horticulture Range With New Generation of Lucalox® HPS Lamps

High-performance HPS lamps give greenhouse growers year-round consistency, quality and reliability of both light and yield

GE Current, a Daintree company, today announced that the company is extending its portfolio of horticulture lighting with the introduction of a new generation of Lucalox® High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps. Building on the existing strengths of the original GE Lucalox®, the new range from Current will offer a longer lifespan, with higher PAR maintenance to ensure consistent yields, as well as lowering maintenance costs for greenhouse growers.

Malcolm Yare, Business Development Manager for Horticulture at Current commented, “GE Lucalox has been trusted by greenhouse growers around the world for its high quality, long lifespan and superior photosynthetic efficiency, ever since high pressure sodium lighting was first introduced. By offering Lucalox® alongside our Arize® LED portfolio, we can ensure that growers have access to Current’s market-leading innovation, performance and reliability whether they are growing in a fully controlled environment, with 100% artificial lighting, or supplementing the sun in a glasshouse environment.”

HPS lighting continues to play a crucial role in a global horticulture industry challenged to increase crop production in line with accelerating population growth and market demands. Greenhouse growers can use HPS, not only to extend the growth time per day and enhance existing sunlight levels, but also to extend the growing season by generating the heat required to produce reliable, high-quality crop yields year-round, even through the colder winter months.

The Current Lucalox® lamps will be available in 600W single-ended 230V and 400V options. The new lamps are rated with a lifetime of 14,000 hours to 90% survivals  and a PAR maintenance of 90% at 14,000 hours, ensuring they deliver consistently high light output and efficiency over a longer period of time. This allows growers to use the lamps for longer, reducing maintenance and replacement costs as well as supporting sustainability over the long-term.

Current Lucalox® products will be available in Europe from the end of August 2020 through authorised Current distributors. Customers should contact their local Current sales representative for more details.


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