GreenTech Americas 2024: Record-breaking attendance and forward-thinking insights

2 April 2024 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | GreenTech

GreenTech Americas, the premier international protected horticulture event, concluded its fourth edition with remarkable success. The show attracted a total of 5,867 professionals including exhibitors; nearly 12% increase comparing to the previous edition. Hosted at the Querétaro Congress Center from March 12th to 14th, the event featured 220 exhibiting companies from 20 countries, solidifying its position as the leading platform for the controlled agriculture sector across the Americas.

Reflecting the industry’s enthusiasm and confidence, 80% of the exhibitors have already secured their stands for the 2025 edition. GreenTech Americas, organized by RAI Amsterdam in partnership with Informa Markets, serves as a pivotal meeting point for stakeholders from Mexico, the region Americas, and beyond.

Visitors remarks
Visitors said: Niels Peter Klapwijk (Nature Fresh, Canada): “It was a very good experience, I visit Mexico a lot myself, but I was impressed by the quality of the visitors. There are still so many possibilities here and this was yet another confirmation of that! Looking forward to many GreenTech Americas to come.” Jose Bezerra (Expandes Consulting, Brazil): “Very organized and with the best companies in the segment offering information and products.”

Dutch presence
Striking this year was the presence of 32 Dutch breeders and the introduction of the ornamental industry as part of GreenTech Americas. Two flower sculptures, donated by 9 ornamental companies and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, marked the entrances of the Expo floor. In the production of plants and flowers, proper technification provides better quality, thus making GreenTech Americas an interesting place for the ornamental sector to have a Pavilion for the 2025 edition.

The exhibition floor showcased 220 companies, spread over 2 floors, from diverse corners of the globe such as Canada, the United States, Chile, Colombia, Spain, France, India, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Italy, New Zealand, Greece, the Netherlands and Mexico, presenting cutting-edge solutions aimed at enhancing crop productivity. Innovations ranged from greenhouse structures and climate control systems to precise irrigation technologies and advanced substrates, demonstrating a collective commitment to sustainable agriculture practices.

The accompanying conference programme attracted 11% more professionals compared to last year, gathered to explore issues on water scarcity, sustainability, pest control, agriculture 4.0, and human talent development. Part of the programme was a notable keynote session with Stijn Weijns from Agro Care Rilland, who shared insights on strategies for managing ToBRFV, addressing challenges related to virus management.

Power Day
A highlight of the event was also the Power Day with the theme ‘Human skills make the difference’, organized on Wednesday, led by industry experts such as Peter Klapwijk (2Harvest), Stijn Weijns (Agro Care Rilland) and table moderators Felix Tarrats (Ceickor), Hugo Escoto (Alternativa Agrícola Sustentable), Oscar Woltman (Phoenix) and Bernardo Carranza (UTEQ). Carranze stated: “We need a high development of research and innovation in the agricultural sector to benefit from the displacement phenomenon. We have to worry about how we can be more competitive and add value.”
The Power Day focused on the pivotal role of human skills in driving agricultural innovation and sustainability. The discussions emphasized the need for collaboration between academia and industry to reshape education programs and nurture talent within the sector.

About GreenTech Americas
GreenTech Americas is part of the GreenTech portfolio and focuses on Mexico as well as the rest of the Americas. The goal is to meet the specific needs of growers, breeders and suppliers. GreenTech Americas enables a greater exchange of knowledge, experiences, and success stories of the horticultural industry in this region. The show is organized by RAI Amsterdam and Informa Markets and the fifth edition will be held from Tuesday 25 – Thursday 27 March 2025. Please find more information at

About GreenTech Amsterdam
GreenTech Amsterdam will be held from Tuesday 11 – Thursday 13 June 2024. The exhibition is a global meeting place for all horticultural technology professionals with the focus on the early stages of the horticultural chain and the current issues growers face. GreenTech is supported by AVAG, the industry association for the greenhouse technology sector in the Netherlands. More information via or follow Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Instagram or YouTube.

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