Hetwin Aranom feeding robot ( With Video ! )

4 April 2024 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

This auto-drive feeding robot is available in two versions: ARANOM MIX and ARANOM CUT & MIX. Both models are battery-powered and drive through the barn without need of a rail system. The robot, which owns bottom-chassis drive, follows the programmed route by means of small reference magnets placed just under the floor surface. Eliminating rails saves costs and makes installation much easier, especially on large farms. 

5 operations with one machine: Weighing, Cutting, Mixing, Dosing and Feed Pushing 

It has strong cutting power and owns the horizontal cutting-mixing-system with double replaceable 8 mm stainless steel mixing tank. So it’s suitable for longer feed such as loader silage, round bale silage and hay. 

4 operations with one machine: Weighing, Mixing, Feeding and Feed Pushing 

 It owns a vertical-mixing-system with 4mm stainless steel double mixer tray and is suitable for short foodstuff. 

More information: www.hetwin.at/en/

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