How does an emergency power generator work?

26 January 2022 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

A generating set is a generator that is used in an environment where there is no main power source or in an environment where the power outage cannot be tolerated. Fossil fuels are converted into electrical energy by combustion engines.

Electricity input
The operation of the generator is comparable to the engine of a car. Cars also have combustion engines that run on fuel. The generator also includes a distribution box. From here, the current can be distributed in different directions and used for different purposes.

Internal combustion
Engine Fuel, whether gasoline or diesel, can cause a very small “explosion” in the engine. This moves the shaft and converts this movement back into tension. This ignition system based on the ignition of a compressed gas mixture also works in almost all combustion engines imaginable.

AC voltage
The voltage generated by the unit changes phase (alternation between positive and negative voltage). That is why this voltage is called “alternating voltage”. AC voltage is the opposite of DC voltage, where electrons move in one direction through copper wires.

Stable aggregate
Most professional generators have so-called “inverter technology”. This technology ensures that the speed and frequency remain constant, even when the load varies greatly. Therefore, the generator using this technology can predict power consumption when the load changes. This ensures a safe and reliable power supply. These types of aggregates are also called “stable aggregates”.

Find the right generator
There is a suitable generator for every situation. Do you want to know what kind of generator you need? We would be happy to get in touch with you to advise you based on your situation.

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