How to Improve Comfort in Your Milking Parlour

1 June 2022 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

Enhancing Comfort in the Milking Parlour

Cows spend hours on end each week entering and exiting the milking parlour. Have you considered the pressure these cows endure whilst standing on the concrete awaiting milking? Did you know you can help reduce lameness and stress with some minor improvements? EASYFIX have the perfect solutions to improve the comfort of your parlour. Regardless of the area you are looking to improve, our rubber matting is the perfect solution!

Comfort is Key!

Collecting Yard & Walkways
Introducing a cushioned surface to your collecting yard will bring many advantages to your herd on entering the parlour. The installation of rubber flooring will improve grip, ensuring swift movement from the collecting yard to the parlour. As direct contact to the concrete is eliminated, pressure is reduced – helping to reduce lameness! The MG Max 4 is an interlocking mat with a ‘penny’ high grip surface making it an ideal solution for collecting yards and walkways. It is ideal for herd sizes up to 150 cows. The MG Evo is an alternative solution for these areas! This mat has a hexagonal surface, providing maximum grip and a confident walking surface for cattle. By introducing these mats it greatly enhances efficiency levels in the cattle. As there is less fear and stress attached, the cows will move faster through the parlour – speeding up the milking process!

Back of Rotary Parlour
For sloped or slippy surfaces, The MG Chevron 8 is a super grip mat, suitable for larger herd sizes. With a penny grip and chevron bars on the top surface, maximum comfort and grip is provided. This creates a much safer environment for cows, ensuring maximum foothold and eliminates the fear of slipping. The MG Chevron is an ideal mat to cover sloped or slippy surfaces as the super grip prevents the fear of falling and injuries! Ideal for installation in the back of a rotary, ensuring cows foothold is maximised as they stand around awaiting milking.

Parlour Pit Area
For the operator of the milking parlour, hours standing in the one area can become tiresome. EASYFIX have the perfect option to combat fatigue in the parlour pit area.

The SoftFloor Pit Mat is a high grip covering created to reduce fatigue and increasing comfort for operators. The EVA material on the mat makes resistant to acids and chemicals used throughout the milking parlour. This mat is interlocking on 4 sides, making it easy to install. It creates a safer walking surface for the operator throughout the pit area.

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