Improved biodegradable packaging boosts Orius-System performance

New improved 100% biodegradable packaging for Biobest’s Orius-System is set to deliver benefits to growers this season – not least enhanced establishment and performance of this voracious thrips predator.  

As part of its continuous product improvement programme, Biobest has redesigned the packaging for its popular Orius-System – widely deployed in thrips control strategies. In future, Orius-System will be available in units containing 2000 adults – with the original plastic bottle replaced with a sustainable cardboard carton – with removable lid.

Improved quality and hence control 
“Our new Orius-System packaging now contains a gel formulation providing a source of water for the predatory bugs during transport,” explains Biobest Product Manager, Ines De Craecker.

“The addition of the gel, together with the new packaging design, will help Orius arrive in optimal condition with increased activity levels as a result. This has led to improvements in overall quality, boosting establishment and ultimately control.

“While the packaging has changed, the buckwheat carrier and the release strategy remains the same. Growers can distribute Oriusthroughout the crop in their original introduction points – simply pouring small piles on to the leaf surface or into Bio-Boxes.”

Sustainability a key consideration
Ines advises growers to then leave the new packaging in situ in the crop, so any remaining adults can escape. The 100% biodegradable packing can then be removed – together with the plants – at the end of the crop.

Concluding she says: “while constantly exploring ways to improve the establishment and overall performance of our products, sustainability has also become a key consideration.”

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