Indirect gas fired heater »Heat-X« Type G

Heating with no CO2-production in poultry stables – long-lasting and efficient

The »Heat-X« Type G is an indirect gas fired heater with a closed combustion system, especially designed for poul- try houses.

Increasing energy costs and legal regu- lations force farmers to use efficient heating systems with low energy con- sumptions. The »Heat-X« Type G-line fully meets there requirements.

A closed combustion system means that the combustion air is taken from the outside, and the combustion gases are transported back to the outside. As a result no CO2 and no water vapor are brought into the poultry house.

Therefore the big advantage is that the volume of the ventilated air can be strongly reduced so that energy can be saved.

Also, the closed combustion system decreases the humidity level. Consequently the feed stays drier which prevents from typical dieseases like Podo. So, the sickness and mor- tality rate decreases which leads to a higher output per bird flock.

There is no open flame with a closed combustion system so that this effects insurance costs positively.

Of course the heater is CE-certified and every single »Heat-X« Type G undergoes a final check. Electrical safety, correct emis- sion values as well as general functions will be tested within this check.

The heat exchanger
The heat exchanger is made out of S-shaped tubes, each tube is feautred with its own atmospheric gas burner that automatically sucks in the combustion air. With the atmos- pheric combustion mode the ambient air is used for the combustion and the combustion sucks in the needed amount of air autotmatically – analog to the direct combustion.

The chimney
The flue gas connection respectively the chimney port are connected to flexible ducts. These ducts allow a flexible installation of the heater. The heater can be mounted underneath the ceiling or be placed in a very handy mobile console. Flue gas tracts of up to 7 meters are possible. Short flue gas tracts outside of the building prevent from ice formation during winter time.

The »Heat-X« Type G is due to its big ope-nings easy to clean.

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