Introducing the 1050W GH TOP LIGHT LED (Red + Blue), a new Lumatek commercial greenhouse led range. ( With Video ! )

Our most powerful LED unit offering an outstanding photon efficacy of 3.5 μmol/J and a total PPF output of 3675 μmol/s.

Specifically designed for high PPFD target flowering crops for growers who prioritize or demand efficient growth at an industrial scale. This fixture will provide double the light levels and improved Spectrum when comparing to a traditional 1000W HPS unit.

In fact, this product will be equivalent to two 1000W HPS fixtures in regards to light output, plus the extra feature of having an optimized balanced spectrum.

Thanks to the quality of the components and the gaps between the fin’s lines, the 1050W will offer an incredible passive cooling heat dissipation through the help of the created convective airflow, ensuring a long a lifetime and world class performance at low maintenance.

Innovative, Slim, Compact, Powerful and Efficient Top Light LED fixtures, designed specifically for Greenhouse use.

Only the highest grade components and world class performance allowing you to achieve your goals throughout the year.


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