Jean-Jacques Lacaux appointed General Manager at Fancom Eurl

12 June 2023 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Fancom BV

On May 1, 2023, Jean-Jacques Lacaux started working as General Manager of Fancom EURL, a subsidiary of Fancom BV in Vitré, France. Jean-Jacques is well acquainted with the French agricultural sector and has a great deal of knowledge of technology and automated farm processes. This knowledge comes from 28 years of experience in various executive technical and commercial positions in international companies that are active in the livestock industry.

This knowledge and experience ties in nicely with the Fancom vision, which is all about achieving superior farm conditions for pig and poultry farmers. In such a way that livestock farmers maintain healthy business operations. And equally healthy animals.

Jean-Jacques is very much looking forward to working with the team in Vitré and with colleagues at the head office in Panningen and says the following about this: “I am delighted to start working as General Manager at Fancom in Vitré. Fancom is known for its progressive and smart way of automating farms. I am very motivated to continue this development with the team. I will put all my experience and knowledge that I have gained during my career at the service of Fancom. I look forward to joining the team to continue to develop and promote Fancom.”


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