Laying instructions for Elysol Polycarbonate Sheets ( With Video ! )

Few and simple installation steps: the easy workability and lightness of the Elysol compact polycarbonate sheet allow for rapid application both on the roof and on the wall.

During the installation of Elysol polycarbonate sheets, care must be taken when drilling the fixing hole, which must be 3 mm larger than the diameter of the screw used, so as to compensate for thermal expansion of the sheet.

Elysol® compact polycarbonate sheets are versatile, lightweight and transparent, providing natural lighting wherever they are installed, either on the roof or curtain walls. Simple and quick to apply, Elysol sheet is suitable for a thousand uses on the terrace or garden, for building greenhouses, canopies, projected roofs, skylights, walkways and various types of roofing or curtain walls.

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