Lescrauwaet: How do high-tech electromagnetic innovations reduce water usage and salinity issues?

17 May 2024 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

‘Saving 10 percent water is no magic after all’
The spring water at Klaver Flowers’ farm in Ethiopia is abundant, but high in sodium and bicarbonate. To get the EC down, the grower therefore uses osmosis technology, which is effective but also has a price tag… Read more

AQUA4D watering system creates better root ball at Beekenkamp
Beekenkamp Plant in Maasdijk uses an AQUA4D® water system after being advised and supplied by Aqua4D-Lescrauwaet. First only for the treatment of water for making baling clods for vegetable crops. Shortly afterwards also for manufacturing baling plugs. At the site in France, Aqua4D® has been applied for years. The water in France is harder and therefore has a higher EC than in the Netherlands. This is why the nursery there started using an Aqua4D system. ‘This system makes the lime so fine in the water that it goes along with the pouring water and we have much less lime deposits in the pipes,’ says Henny van Lierop, Press and Seed Quality Coordinator.
At first, he was sceptical… Read more

The grass is greener now at the AZ-Alkmaar AFAS Training Complex
The Aqua4D water system leased by Lescrauwaet BV has made a major contribution to solving the problems with the grass on the training pitches at the AFAS Training Complex in Wijdewormer. ‘We now have no more dead grass patches. That’s because the water system creates smaller water droplets, getting them into the smallest pores,’ says groundsman Wouter Uitentuis. ‘In the first year the training pitches were completed, five years ago now, no one could have imagined how badly the grass would growRead more

What does electromagnetic radiation do to plants?
Electricity has become an integral part of our lives. We are surrounded by electrical equipment everywhere and all the time. This equipment often produces electromagnetic fields, which can affect humans, animals, plants and the environment. An influence that can have visible positive or negative effects. High-voltage cables, transformers or transformer houses and transmission masts are well-known examples of sources of electromagnetic radiation. Without the blessings of electricity, our society would look completely different. However, there is also another side to electricity… Read more

Innovative collaboration between Lescrauwaet & van der Ende
Raymond Lescrauwaet has been working for several years with Mark van der Ende, owner of several companies in lighting technology. Among other things, Mark works on making flowers and plants grow more efficiently using visible light and non-visible EMF radiation. For instance, he produces LED lighting systems through his company Flowmagic B.V. and works within Viroled B.V. with ultraviolet light to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi in an environmentally friendly way… Read more

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Saving 10 percent water is no magic after all

The spring water at Klaver Flowers’ farm in Ethiopia is abundant, but high in sodium and bicarbonate. To get the EC down, the grower therefore uses osmosis technology, which i...
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