Looking back at 2 years of Ridder Climate Screens

22 December 2016 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Ridder

Ridder Climate Screens was set up about two years ago. The business was established at a time when screening trends were becoming more and more apparent: screening technology allows you to conserve more energy and let through more light when your crops need it most. We spoke to Mario Scherpenzeel, Business Unit Manager of Ridder Climate Screens.

Substantial investments
We find Mario Scherpenzeel in the large factory hall of Ridder Climate Screens where he is busy giving instructions to members of his team. Mario looks back at the past period: “We’ve taken a significant step forward over the past 2 years. Since 2015, we have been able to manufacture tailor-made parts for each project, in order to facilitate the installers. Mario continues: “Our premises in the Netherlands are equipped with extensive laboratory facilities, so we can test all our screens for stability and durability under various UV, humidity and temperature conditions. This allows us to truly guarantee the quality of our screens. We’re happy to show customers how the whole process works when they come to visit.”

In demand
Mario goes on: “Ridder Climate Screens is often contacted by growers. Although growers are the target group that actually use our screens, it’s the screen installation firms that are our direct customers. It’s good to talk to the grower or their crop advisor in order to decide on the right screen. Many factors play a role in this decision. But we also talk to growers and our screen installers about the current situation. A hot topic at the moment is using assimilation lighting during the dark period to reduce light emissions.”

Working for prominent names
“That our approach is valued in the market is clear from the interest in our screens and the many sizeable projects we’ve been involved in. For example, we’ve completed a number of substantial projects at plant nurseries. These included some prominent names in Dutch horticulture, such as Van der Lugt, Leo Ammerlaan and WPK. Dutch growers that have installed our screen are: AgroCare, Van Adrichem Leo Hoogweg, Van der Lans and Rainbow.

Moving slowly into foreign markets
Mario Scherpenzeel continues: “We’re well on our way to becoming an established screen supplier. Our customer focus, excellent quality and delivery from stock are some of the key benefits we have to offer. We also have some great plans lined up for the coming years. One of those plans is to expand now in the international markets. The Dutch installation firms are already taking our screens abroad. In this way, we supplied our screens to projects in Canada, Poland, England, France, Belgium and Spain. There is interest in other countries as well. But we’re committed to maintaining our way of doing business; every country will require a different approach. That’s why we plan to tread carefully into these new markets.”


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