Lumatek has long been stablished as a leading European supplier of premium horticultural lighting equipment, services and educational tools

23 August 2022 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Lumatek Ltd

Renowned as a professional Indoor and Greenhouse premium fixtures manufacturer, the primary focus is on LED grow lighting technologies for; sole-source top-lighting with ZEUS & ATS Full Spectrum systems, Vertical Farming, Indoor & Greenhouse Supplemental lighting and component accessories. LUMATEK also offers a remarkable HID range comprising: Complete Fixtures; Ballasts; Lamps; Reflectors; and Others, together with a high standard service to the Horticultural, Hydroponics, Aquatic and Industrial markets across Europe, Asia & Australasia; and over North America through its sister company PHOTONTEK.

LUMATEK offers a premium LED Greenhouse Product Range, including supplemental top light and inter light solutions to trigger photosynthesis in dense canopies. The powerful & efficient 1050W GH TOP LIGHT LED (Red + Blue) (3.5 µmol/J) is designed and engineered for industrial scale applications producing twice as much PPF for the same power draw as 1000W HPS. The very efficient 680W GH TOP LIGHT LED (Red + Blue or White + Red) produces equivalent PPF to 1000W HPS but using up to 50% less power. The 300W GH TOP LIGHT LED (Red + Blue) for greater installation flexibility and optimal light distribution and the 100W INTER LIGHT LED (Red + Blue) ideal for canopy enrichment and inner crops penetration.

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