Make a more pleasant working environment with ITA-14G1

Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone and the autumn and winter temperatures are suitable for the cultivation of Eustoma. The farmers have been working hard for many years to improve their cultivation techniques and research in academic laboratories, making it a high-value export industry in Taiwan.

‘We installed a number of ITA-14G1, which are connected to the environmental control system to operate according to the setting parameters of the temperature and humidity data. The low noise level and low power consumption of ITA-14G1 are superior then the previous traditional exhaust fans, and the quality is good. The sensible indoor air circulation does help to improve the growing environment of Eustoma, and also make a more pleasant working environment for us,’ said by the growers.

ITA-14G1 provide uniform indoor climate throughout your greenhouse. By installing multiple Alaska high velocity fans one after the other within the throw distance, the air is efficiently and quickly transmit over a long distance.

More advantages of ITA series
1.  Swirl shaped grill

Swirl shaped cover maintain the air volume to be focused, provide the fan with ultra – distance transmission to achieve wind speed 0.3 m/s, and the longest distance can accomplished 52 meters(ITA-14G1).

2.  3 ring air suctions
There is usually one air suction with pressured fans. Alaska high velocity fans possessed 3 ring suctions to extend the air suction area and reduce noise.

3.  Special deep-pitched blades

In comparison with same level products, the special aerodynamically blades design optimized the air distribution with low noise level.

4.  Good chemical and corrosion resistance 
Adopt selected SUS304 stainless steel as the fan holder. The grill, fan blade, and air suction is made of PP+GF.
The chemical and corrosion resistance is better, which is ideal for greenhouse use.

5.  The motor has passed IP55 test
The motor has been tested to IP55 for water and dust resistance. By selecting the SKF bearing, it is known for their reliability, durability and longevity.


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