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13 July 2015 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

New substances for crop management

Nowadays, agriculture research is developing new techniques based of the concept of sustainable technology. Demand of cereals, vegetables and fruits increase every year, and humanity need to find out how to remove non sustainable inputs of agriculture and produce more and better food with less resources, these ones are not unlimited.

Greenhouse technology, genetic improvement, pesticides with low environtment impact or biological pest control are part of this sustainable agriculture, and also BIOSTIMULANTS, substances that promotes the growth and develop of plants, improving their metabolism. These substances offer to growers a new tool to develop and achieve the maximum potential of the crops.

And, what’s the potential of a crop? In outdoor crops, biostimulants are playing an important role to maintain the plants in balance, helping the crops to overcome abiotic and biotic stress situations. If now we consider the using of bioestimulants in a crop inside a greenhouse, we are improving a plant growing in an ideal environment for them. What’s the result? better plants and better production.

The term biostimulant involve all kinds of substances and/or microorganism, all of them with improver effects on plant methabolism, like humic acids, inorganic salts, seaweed, plant extracts, microorganism and chemical compounds, to mention some of them. In words of Prof. Patrick du Jardin, from Université de Liege “Biostimulants are defined more by what they do than by what they are”.

At a grower level, where just real effects account, these substances have different enable effects on crops, and we are starting to find out the diversity of applications of biostimulants: increasing sugar content in fruits, keeping the balance of crops, promoting sprouting and new leafs, overcoming stress situations, increase natural resistance to pest and diseases, more longer storage time of fruit and veg or better fruit colouring, to mention some effects.

With biostimulants we influence in certain physiological process of the plant at the moment that growers want to, a new range of substances that allow to manage the crop, raising the bar of production without affecting environment, and that’s the way for a sustainable agriculture.

The next step, combination of biostimulants in balance, like FOLIPLUS (, creates effective products with powerful effects on the crop, going beyond in crop management.

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