Maximize your harvest with our custom made substrate trough Bato 2.0.

29 July 2021 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

We are proud to introduce our latest development; the substrate trough Bato 2.0. This is a renewed version of the existing Bato Trough, which has been part of our permanent range for years.

This new substrate trough has been specifically developed for the cultivation of cucumbers on perlite in collaboration with Herman Keijsers en Klaas Limburg, IJsselgrow B.V., a large Dutch cucumber grower in IJsselmuiden, The Netherlands.

Herman Keijsers and Klaas Limburg share their customization experience:
‘Before we thought about custom-made solutions, we first looked with Bato at their current range. Unfortunately the size did not match our gutter, or the trough did not meet all our needs. Bato quickly came up with appropriate ideas and solutions. And they followed that up with several customer-visits, bringing 3D prototypes to our greenhouses. This was great, because it allowed us to fit and measure in practice. What would fit our gutter best? What details needed to be improved so that the trough would meet all our requirements? In this way, we progressed step by step.’

Cultivation on perlite in the Bato Trough 2.0 comes with three exceptional advantages: 
Extra low annual costs; the substrate trough and the perlite can be steam cleaned, which means that both can be reused time after time.

Maximum crop risk limitation; the legs at the bottom of the substrate trough and the choice of position for the drainage openings prevent excessive root growth. This is very important for preventing the risk of diseases spreading, such as pythium and viruses.

The unique possibility of intermediate planting; You can already plant new plants, while the old ones are still being harvested. And this offers a very interesting cost-effectiveness profile.

About us
At Bato, we engage every day in a process of designing and developing smart, efficient and user-friendly solutions for growers. Directly, and via our dealers, growers share their innovative ideas on how to optimise their crop performance, yields and presentation. Together, in collaboration with our R&D department, we can also make your product.


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