Modiform 2022-2023 catalogue: innovative presentation and innovative products

Make sustainable choices automatically

A new season, a new catalogue, and a new way of looking at products! Modiform’s 2022-2023 digital catalogue has been launched! The catalogue is full of beautiful and sustainable products. Modiform’s ambition is to bring about sustainable change in the horticulture sector and close the material loop. That is why the products of the Leusden-based company are designed and produced to be automatically sustainable and be the best choices from a business point of view! A large number of products can be viewed three-dimensionally (3D) in augmented reality (AR). Scan the QR codes to visualise the trays and pots wherever you are! 

Zero-compromise sustainability
John van der Maarel (Sales Director at Modiform) says, ‘Sustainability is at the core of every decision we make and every product we design and manufacture. We do not compromise on quality, ease of use, and providing added value for our customers. Our catalogue presents a large selection from our product range and the products that contribute to our Horizon2025 ambition. See for the digital, clickable catalogue and use the QR codes to visualise some of the products in 3D as well as AR. This technology shows a rotating display of a product in a space of your choice, such as on your garden bed table. Looking forward to a successful season!’

New shipping solutions for online channel 
One of the products that can be viewed in 3D is the clampack, a new product that responds to the ever-growing demand from consumers to order plants online. With the clampack and in-box trays, Modiform has developed a 100% recyclable and plastic-free shipping solution that perfectly matches this consumer demand. Potted plants can now be shipped sustainably and efficiently!

Trays: sustainable and efficient 
Efficiency in horticulture is closely linked to standardisation. Thanks to the sustainably produced transport trays that are suitable for processing in an automated environment, we are automatically contributing to a better world. Modiform is also closing the material loop in other ways: it has set up a returns system whereby growers return their PS trays, receive a competitive payment for doing so, and Modiform recycles the returned trays in-house. The propagation trays such as the tree trays, multitrays, and paper plug trays are designed to be suitable for automated processing while enabling maximum loading. In addition, propagation is optimised by good drainage, good aeration, and minimised root sticking. The new ecoExpert pots are also suitable for automated processing. This product line is made from 100% recycled FSC cardboard and is 100% naturally biodegradable after use. Many of the ecoExpert transport trays have been granted an exemption for use at plant auctions. Ideal if you trade plants at auction!

Only recyclable pots and packs 
Our catalogue now only features sustainable pots, which is why our R&R pots are made of 100% recycled PP material. Following on from last year, this year’s style trends have been translated into new trending colours for the Thomsen injection moulding pots. You can view them on page 40. In addition, Modiform now offers exclusively recyclable packs made from the base material PET transparent green or PS cool grey. These plastics come from discarded green PET bottles and fridges respectively. This means customers automatically make a sustainable choice and Modiform automatically closes the material loop – together with its customers!

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