Modiform chooses for recyclable packs made from 100% recycled material

23 August 2022 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Modiform

Black packs are made with carbon black, so they can’t be recycled. This is because the consumer waste recycling stations can’t detect these products. Therefore, Modiform will no longer produce black packs from now. With this, Modiform takes an important step towards recyclable products and sustainable horticulture. This step fits perfectly with Modiform’s ambition to close the material loop.

‘We find it irresponsible to make products that we know can’t be recycled. Black plastic that ends up in consumers’ hands is not recyclable and therefore can’t be reclaimed, says Arie den Hertog, product manager at Modiform. ‘That’s why we focus on materials that can be recycled, such as PS cool grey, PET transparent green and pulp.’

For our plastic packs, we prefer PS cool grey and PET transparent green as base materials, as both are highly recyclable. The transparent green packs are made from 100% recycled green PET from consumer waste. These green packs are easily detectable in the waste treatment process, allowing to close the material loop. The cool grey packs are made from 100% recycled PS material from refrigerators, so no virgin material is used. Both the PS cool grey and PET transparent green packs are Cyclos certified in certain countries. Modiform no longer produces packs containing carbon, and help their customers to make the right material choice.

Last year Modiform conducted research into the recyclability of plastics in consumer waste in a number of European countries. The research into plastic recycling from consumer waste is summarised in a handy infographic, which Modiform uses to advise its customers on their choice of material. The recycling of plastics from household waste can differ per country. Download the inforgraphic here. As a result of this research, Modiform already converted its pot assortment last year to sustainable  pots only. The Recycled & Recyclable (R&R) pots are made from recycled PP material and fully recyclable.  Modiform has a wide range of packs for various applications: bedding packs, carry packs and retail packs. Want to know more? Please visit

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