Modiform’s ecoExpert products made from recycled cardboard are now Cyclos-certified!

28 June 2021 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Modiform

Proof of sustainability for ecoExpert products

Modiform’s ecoExpert products have been approved by Cyclos, an independent body, and are now certified for recycling in EU countries, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Switzerland! The ecoExpert Cyclos certificate demonstrates that ecoExpert products are recyclable and help to close the material loop. This is an important development, as it means that growers, retailers, and consumers can be confident that these packaging solutions contribute to a more sustainable world. 

Natural product 
The ecoExpert line is made of 100% recycled cardboard from FSC-certified sources and is fully biodegradable after use. After our ecoExpert products have been used, they can be disposed of with waste paper. If they’re not, they also pose no harm to the environment or animals and biodegrade within a year. The biodegradable wax makes these products water-resistant while the long cardboard fibres provide strength. As such, ecoExpert products offer growers an alternative to plastic at the start of the supply chain and provide both retailers and consumers with natural products. The product range includes pots, trays, carry packs, and punnets.

Making the right choice
‘We knew that our ecoExpert products are easily recyclable, but we still think it’s important to prove this with a Cyclos certificate. That way, growers and retailers can be sure that ecoExpert is an excellent, sustainable choice. This independent certification also highlights our ambitions: with the right materials, techniques, and technologies, we can lower our products’ environmental impact. The material loop must and can be closed, and making products with alternative materials such as cardboard pulp is a huge step in the right direction. ‘This is part of our Closed Loop Commitment, which also involves us sharing our knowledge and committing to making recycled and recyclable products. We make sure we stay up to date with laws and requirements on a European and national level. It’s important that growers make the right choice in terms of consumer products, so that they can actually be recycled in the country of purchase and use. The Cyclos certificate provides absolute clarity in this regard,’ says Arie den Hertog, ecoExport product manager at Modiform.

As a family company, thinking and acting sustainably is in Modiform’s genes. Closing the material loop, collecting materials from society, and upcycling them into high-quality products and innovative concepts is just one of the spearheads in Modiform’s ambition for the coming years. This ambition goes beyond the company’s business goals: it involves the entire horticulture sector. Together with customers and partners, Modiform has set the goal of kicking out virgin plastic by 2025. The company wants horticulture to be the first industry that’s completely free of fossil-based virgin materials, and is taking the lead in working with the industry to make it more sustainable.


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