Modules for vertical farming, the novelty of Novagric

Taking into account the requirements of the international market and the commitment of Novagric with the constant innovation and the sustainable development of the agriculture, this year the company offers in its portfolio the manufacture and commercialization of modules and technologies for vertical farming.

Vertical farming refers to a high-tech indoor cultivation, which in the beginning of the 90s was proposed as an agricultural alternative to solve the shortage of productive agricultural land, offering high-altitude growing as a solution to optimize, not only the space, but also resources such as water and fertilizers. These crops, that operates with a hydroponic and/or aeroponic irrigation system, reduce the consumption of fertilizers and water in percentages higher than 90%, and can be located in urban areas, in any other space where we take advance of the height and in places where soils cannot be exploited in agriculture.

Vertical farming modules approach the products to the consumer, because it is possible to recreate any kind of climate environment inside with technology. It’s more comfortable to work and its almost unlimited possibilities of automation normally demand less workforce to maintain that a traditional system. As a result, we obtain a fresh, local product, free of pesticides and respectful with the environment. LED lighting with a customizable spectrum, climate control and fertigation equipment, allow a significant increase in production, obtaining a high quality and greater number of annual harvests of specimens that conserve all their healthy properties.

Vertical cultivation, a practice that is working with normality around the world, have been industrially specialized in the cultivation of leafy vegetables (lettuces, cabbages, spinaches, aromatic plants) because it’s possible to collect the harvest every 4-5 weeks. This system is starting to be introduced in the cultivation of other fruits and vegetable varieties and even flowers.

Novagric develops and installs infrastructures that allow the maximum space exploitation, vertical farming systems with agricultural technology that cover all the client’s needs, at small or big scale: recirculating and drainage systems, hydroponic fertigation, LED lighting, climate control and harvesting trolleys at height.

Novagric’s aim is to provide the market with the tools to develop more and more a responsible and productive agriculture that is close to the consumer, as to offer a higher grade of efficiency of the natural and energetic resources to supply society food with a highly economic, social and environmental added value.

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