Munters Plastic Gutter (MPG) – Say Goodbye to leaking gutter system

25 November 2020 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Reventa GmbH

The MPG is a complete water supply and distribution system to wet evaporative cooling pad walls. The solution includes the top and bottom gutter system, water pump, water supply kit and the ending kit. The MPG has been engineered and designed to ensure proper wetting of the cooling pad, even in extreme hot weather and continuous water recirculation.

Munters takes a step ahead on delivering a trouble-free and easy to install gutter system, introducing a solution glue, adhesive free and simplifying the installation process. This new revolutionary system guarantees long service life, as it does not suffer of cracks or water leakage due to thermal expansion or contraction. Inspection and cleaning procedures are ease by a clip function to access the water pipe and to remove pads.



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