New MetaFIT assignment successfully completed at HortiTech

25 June 2024 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Metazet

Phase 2 at HortiTech Delivered: 12,000 meters of pipe rails with MetaFIT

Last week, the Metazet field service team successfully completed another new MetaFIT project. This time, it was phase 2 of the pipe rail system installation at HortiTech. The innovative MetaFIT technology was also applied in this project.

In total, an impressive 12,000 meters of pipe rails have been installed across both phases, connected with 1,788 MetaFIT couplings. These couplings have proven to be completely watertight after being put into use, demonstrating the reliability and quality of this innovation.

Metazet was able to realize this project thanks to the great collaboration with Zwirs Horti Projects, Vvalo B.V., and Spuitbedrijf R. van der Horst B.V. “The support and trust of HortiTech were crucial to the success of this project,” says Roy van Meel, project leader at Metazet. “We look forward to more wonderful projects in the future.”

What is MetaFIT?
MetaFIT is a revolutionary technique for connecting heating pipes without the need for welding. Welding is time-consuming and specialized work that needs to be done early in the construction process, bringing logistical challenges. With MetaFIT, Metazet introduces a solution that is both faster and less specialized. Thanks to the conical shape of the connections, they are as strong and watertight as welded joints.

The advantages of MetaFIT:

  • Connecting without welding: Faster and simpler installations.
  • Strong and watertight: Proven to be as effective as welded connections.
  • Time-saving: The coupling principle and logistical advantages significantly shorten the construction time.
  • Flexibility: Adding (extra) growth pipes or low-quality heating pipes in existing greenhouse complexes is easy.
  • Global application: Using a standard 51mm pipe (EWN10219) that is available worldwide.
  • No coating repairs: Spray work can be fully applied without the need for subsequent coating repairs.
  • Safety and convenience: Less physical and specialized work, easy to scale up, and no fire hazards from welding.

MetaFIT ensures that heating pipes only need to be placed in the final phase of construction, which not only shortens construction time but also significantly improves safety on the construction site.

Metazet: Innovation and Thinking Along with Growers
Metazet is known for its ability to continuously think along with growers and seek innovative solutions. Our strength lies in the authentic character of our manufacturing company, where we manage everything in-house. This allows us to respond flexibly and quickly to our customers’ needs and deliver high-quality, tailor-made products and services. We develop and produce our products and systems ourselves with our own machines and test them extensively in our own demo greenhouse and R&D Center. Our work always works, our customers trust us blindly on that.

Future projects
With the successful completion of phase 2 at HortiTech, Metazet looks forward to more projects where the MetaFIT technology can be applied. This innovation promises to revolutionize greenhouse construction by taking efficiency, safety, and reliability to a higher level.

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New MetaFIT assignment successfully completed at HortiTech

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