The new trendsetter among calf feeders

Calf feeders from Holm & Laue are sturdy, easy to operate and always guarantee healthy and strong calves thanks to individual mixing and hygienic preparation of the milk diet. The CalfExpert is a new feeder to the market and sets new benchmarks. The result: even more intelligent, even faster and even more functions to make your work easier and guarantee optimum feeding of your calves.

You will quickly notice how the CalfExpert revolutionises the work with your calves: You always have all important information at your fingertips: at the feeder, at the  HygieneStation or on your mobile phone. Not only preparation of the milk diet is speeded up, automatic cleaning is faster too. At last, whole milk feeding is just as convenient as feeding milk replacer (CMR). In combination with the DoubleJug milk cooling tank, the CalfExpert controls its functions automatically, including the cleaning of all lines and tanks. We are particularly proud of the programming of the CalfExpert: we consciously decided against touch control – or have you never tried to use your mobile phone with dirty fingers, wearing gloves or in the winter? We are convinced that our SmartKeys and the 7" display provide you with the ideal operating concept. Take a look at the next few pages and discover the many possibilities provided by the new CalfExpert calf feeder.

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