The next step to a better, comfortable climate

In greenhouses where central heating is not an affordable option, air heaters are an economical and cost-effective solution. The next generation of Long Throw Unit (LTU) gas-fired heaters are indirectly fired air heaters with a closed combustion chamber. 
Thanks to a smart flue system, the gasses emitted by these energy-efficient heaters are not released into the environment. There is also no risk of excessive flue gas emissions when heating your greenhouse for long periods. This makes the heaters an excellent solution for greenhouses where gentle heating is required, but no additional CO₂ dosing is allowed. An additional advantage of LTU heaters is that they do not increase humidity in greenhouses with moisture-sensitive crops. These low-noise heaters have a long air throw and are available in multiple capacities, making them a heating solution for the future.

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