Non-precipitating P fertilizer with cleaning effect

23 January 2019 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

Haifa Group introduces Haifa GrowClean™, a sodium-free, ready for use polyphosphate fertilizer 
Soilless greenhouse growers use polyphosphates, enjoying the benefits high availability and no formation of precipitates in the irrigation system. A drawback of polyphosphates is their alkaline nature, which imposes the need to add acid in the fertilizer tank. Recently, Haifa Group has launched an innovative polyphosphate fertilizer that eliminates this problem. Haifa GrowClean™ features a neutral pH level, while keeping all the other advantages of polyphosphates. Containing 50% polyphosphates, the product offers a rich formula of 5-31-40 N-P2O5-K2O. To keep the irrigation system free of precipitates, use 50 mg GrowClean™/liter.  During stages of intensive vegetative growth, use 100-200 mg GrowClean™/liter.

*The  given rates should be regarded as  a rough suggestion. The effect of Haifa GrowClean™ changes from one crop to another, so  it is advisable to consult your supplier or with Haifa expert when setting application rates. 

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