Online packaging: Modiform is introducing a new product category

13 June 2022 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Modiform

Durable and optimally protected shipment of potted plants

Modiform is introducing ‘online packaging’, a new product category that ensures the sustainable and optimally protected shipping of potted plants. Modiform uses cardboard for this purpose, because this material is easily recyclable. This is Modiform’s response to the need of owners of online stores for sustainable and safe shipping solutions. The new product category begins with clampacks and in-box trays. John van der Maarel (Sales Director at Modiform) says, ‘We are proud to expand our product range. With the clampack and in-box tray, we bring together innovation and good recyclability while also offering a total solution to a growing target group in the horticultural chain. In turn, this contributes to our ambition to improve sustainability in the entire horticultural chain.’ 

A clampack is a packaging that ‘clamps’ around the pot with an opening at the top through which the plant sticks out.The clampack is designed to optimally protect pot and plant during shipment. The patented Modiform clampack is easy to secure in the shipping box thanks to the system developed for this purpose. The height of the plant can vary and thus different plants can be sent in one box.

Advantages: optimally protected, sustainable, and user-friendly
This specially developed packaging brings together the safe shipment of potted plants, ease of use, and sustainability. Arie den Hertog (ecoExpert product manager) says, ‘the clampack  can be clamped around the pot and then secured at the top thanks to the sealing system. This greatly reduces the risk of the contents of the pot becoming dislodged in the box. The smart locking system ensures that the clampack can be opened and closed several times, which is convenient for both sender and receiver. This means that the transport and packaging time is limited to a minimum, particularly in comparison with the transport and packaging time of cardboard variants that are currently used in the market.’

In-box trays: efficient and sustainable 
An in-box tray is a packaging solution that enables plants to be placed horizontally in a tray, so that they can subsequently be shipped to the consumer in a matching shipping box. Plants of different pot sizes (10.5, 12, and 13 cm) can be sent in an in-box tray. Thanks to the smart design, multiple trays fit in a single shipping box.

To offer a total solution, Modiform offer a die-cut drawing of a matching box for each clampack and in-box tray. This ensures that a user can order the required shipping boxes, printed or unprinted.

A sustainable concept
Modiform’s online packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard from FSC-certified sources. This means that they are made of the same raw material as the cardboard boxes in which they are shipped. For example, it is possible to use a complete packaging concept made of cardboard for shipping orders from online stores. Consumers can dispose of the cardboard box and clampack or in-box tray in the paper bin. In other words, there is no unnecessary use of plastic and everything is fully recyclable. All ecoExpert products are recyclable (Cyclos certified), biodegradable, and compostable.

An organic, fully biodegradable wax is applied to the clampack. This ensures that the clampack is waterproof and remains sturdy. The long cardboard fibres make the clampack  strong and sturdy, and the organic – fully biodegradable – wax that has been added makes it  water-resistant.

Product range for online packaging
Modiform is launching the new clampack range including five variants, so that plants can be shipped in the most important pot sizes. There are two variants of the in-box tray available.

The product range will be further expanded in 2022. View the online packaging brochure at Modiform can develop new models for customer-specific requirements if required. For further information about online packaging, please contact:

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