Partnership between Kwekerij Wouters, Amevo, and Modiform

31 January 2024 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Modiform

What a great example of success when different departments and the account managers work seamlessly with customers! We helped our customer ‘Kwekerij Wouters B.V.’ (a nursery) in its next step working with clayettes: transitioning from PS Cool Grey to PET Light Grey. Having the right raw materials, the ability to produce high-quality goods, the right recycling certificates, and the right support, we got the job done!

For years, Wouters had been using 10-compartment bedding packs – supplied by AMEVO – in Modiform’s PS Cool Grey. However, in the UK, PS (polystyrene) is not recycled as household waste. Wouters therefore asked Amevo and Modiform if there was a recyclable material that could be used in the UK as well as in other European countries. As it turns out, that was a very good question!

Working together with Amevo, we started looking for a new raw material flow: grey PET from industrial waste. It had to be a light-grey colour and recyclable. And to prove that, the product had to be eligible for Cyclos and OPRL certification. We did it! We are proud to announce that the bedding packs worked perfectly well during filling and transplanting operations. What’s more, it’s even slightly more robust than the previous packs!

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