Paving the way to sustainable yields with next-generation lighting

For growers, nothing matters more than consistently producing the highest-quality yields from their crops, and as researchers discover more about the pivotal role of light in plant growth and development, GE Current, a Daintree company, translates those scientific findings into a wide portfolio of next-generation lighting solutions.

Our experienced team of lighting designers and plant scientists work closely with every grower to understand their goals and design an in-depth lighting plan to achieve those outcomes; from slashing operational costs and reaching net-zero carbon targets, to extending their growing season and optimising the value of every plant harvested throughout the year.

Whether you choose an HPS set-up, or are transitioning to low-energy LEDs via a hybrid of the two, Current’s high-performance range of Lucalox® HPS lamps, Arize™ HPS fixtures and cutting-edge horticulture LED solutions are constantly evolving to deliver optimal lighting at all stages of the growth cycle.

With a long, 54,000hr L90 lifespan, the new Arize™ Lynk is designed for multi-layer, indoor vertical farming of herbs and leafy greens, and is also ideal for propagation, with 0-10V dimming for more precise control over the amount of light delivered.  An extended range of nine tailored spectra now includes far red wavelengths to encourage inter-nodal stretching and a new broad spectrum to simulate natural sunlight, creating a more pleasant working environment for those on-site.

For pharmaceutical crops that require higher intensities of light, the new Arize™ Factor ML900 Series offers high PPF output over a 50,000hr L90 lifespan, with five broad spectra and 0-10V dimming, designed to support every stage of growth from vegetative, through to flowering, without needing to replace or maintain lamps as frequently as before. However, for those who prefer to use HPS lighting, the new Arize™ H-Series HPS fixtures are the perfect partner to our next-generation Lucalox® lamps. These fixtures create a cylindrical reflector to direct the light and heat back to a focused area of the canopy or open up to cover a larger area depending on the individual needs of the crop.

Learn more about our complete range of HPS and LED grow lights at and get in touch to learn more about how we can help you light your own path to sustainable growth.

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