Perfectly synchronized screen installations with Ridder SynCore

8 July 2021 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Ridder

Ridder introduces an innovative new synchronized control system for screen installations. Ridder’s intelligent SynCore system reduces the risk of screen installation malfunctions and provides precision control thanks to its integrated modern components and digital interface, which also simplifies the installation process. 

Highly accurate screen positioning
In large greenhouses, drive motors need to be properly synchronized when opening and closing the screens. That enables growers to control the climate inside the greenhouse accurately, while also reducing the risk of damage to the screen systems or malfunctions. The new Ridder SynCore system provides precision control of greenhouse screen installations as well as optimal synchronous control. The system helps growers to maintain the best possible climate inside the greenhouse by providing pinpoint control over the whole screen system, even in the largest greenhouses or compartments.

Easy installation thanks to digital feedback
Vincent Hoveling, Product Manager of Drive Systems at Ridder, explains that the accuracy of the screen positions and the synchronized control system are both made possible by the unique digital feedback that comes from the screen motors. ‘In the past, synchronous systems had to be calibrated visually and by hand.  But Ridder SynCore is able to accurately measure the position of the screens at all times. It also has intelligent components that receive and interpret valuable information from the screen installation system. For example, the system can monitor the load on the drive motors, and provide maintenance information or even warnings. This also improves the reliability of the screening system, and extends its lifespan.’

The modular Ridder SynCore System consists of a SynCore RW Motor Unit on each individual drive as well as a central SynCore Control Panel. The intelligent touch-interface PLC control in the SynCore Control Panel regulates all the screen motors and provides high-precision control through the whole greenhouse. Because Ridder SynCore is a modular system, there is always a suitable replacement or solution for installers, greenhouse builders or end users.

During the development of the Ridder SynCore system, the focus was very much on designing a user-friendly system for both growers and installers. This has resulted in a highly user-friendly installation process: the PLC guides the installer through the whole installation process – including setting the start and end positions of the motors, which needs to be done very accurately. This makes adjusting the motors considerably less prone to errors.

New generation of drive systems
The latest innovations in the field of digitization and smart components have been brought together in Ridder SynCore to create a brand new system. ‘These innovations mean we are on the eve of a new generation of horticultural drive systems with built-in intelligence’, says Arnoud Margadant, R&D Director of Drive Systems at Ridder. ‘They also allow us to make installation processes even easier and more user-friendly. For example, the start and end positions can be adjusted electronically and digitally.’

Replacement for LogicLink
The introduction of Ridder SynCore means that the era of the Ridder LogicLink synchronized control systems has come to an end. ‘From now on, we will no longer offer LogicLink systems and we can provide a suitable Ridder SynCore solution for existing systems in which old LogicLink systems need to be replaced or repaired.’


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