Phormium sees a need for change in the market for energy screens

In an evolving market, Phormium sees an important role for itself. Customers want to see changing circumstances reflected in available screening solutions. Phormium has focused on data collection and R&D for many years. At the same time, Phormium can fall back on the reliable and durable qualities of woven screens.

Frenzied energy market
The glasshouse building sector faces continuous challenges. One urgent challenge is the energy market. The unrealistic price increases have mercilessly exposed the vulnerability of the sector. Independent of government efforts, the sector can take steps towards reaching a short-term solution. After all, the business case for glasshouse building companies looks very different now.

Focus is shifting from light to energy
The focus of energy screens previously lay mostly on light, especially amongst growers of glasshouse vegetables. Understandably, energy didn’t cost much, and light has a great influence on production. However, with today’s energy prices, it’s highly likely that the focus will shift from the link between light and the durable use of energy. Phormium has a unique offer in the market of energy screens, with high-quality and durable woven screen solutions. Durable, because the screens not only last longer, but also because their quality (including energy saving) remains at a high level for a longer time. So: a woven screen saves more energy than a knitted screen and does so for a much longer period, but also allows 1 to 2% less light through. Previously, knitted screens were often selected because of the light. Now the calculation looks very different.

More knowledge every day
By concentrating on collecting data with more accuracy, Phormium can gather more knowledge about its screens. In recent years, Phormium has invested heavily in measuring equipment and knowledge, which translates directly into the best offer. Here, Phormium relies on its own data but also on that from e.g. the WUR, because knowing what is measured and calibrating the results is equally important.

Responsibility as manufacturer
Partly due to Flemish modesty, Phormium prefers to stick to the facts. Phormium’s woven screens come with numerous product advantages which contribute directly to the desired result. ­The company feels a responsibility to link the knowledge it has acquired to both existing and new products to help its customers facing the future.

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